1. These two again! Without their bike.

  2. So I finished my 32 page black and white drawing for my book proposal! Now I need to do two full color pages of how it would look. I have been playing around with different styles and I like this one a lot. Alison says the lion’s pants look like superhero underwear so I’m working on that. Next step will be writing the text.

  3. Another updated picture. Here is the monster in its cave and all its pups!

  4. Some personal favorites of my own illustrations.

  5. 99percentinvisible:

    There are Futuro Houses scattered all over the world (even Antarctica). 

    I was just talking to my dad about how he and my mom rented one of these on the outer-banks in the 80’s!

  6. wnycradiolab:


    Even astronauts have World Cup fever.

    I bet NASA could double their funding if they developed zero-gravity professional sports. I’d watch.

  7. I am working on a 32 page dummy book for a book proposal!

  8. willsantino:

    Self-portrait with black cat and giant chameleon. #doodle #selfie #onemillionmoleskines #watercolor #chameleon #catsofinstagram #blackcat #goodluck #megafauna

  9. Three images of Ted’s traveling tub together.

  10. Went crayfish hunting with friends last weekend and caught a doozie. Al was catching more than she could hold.

    I’ve been working on some monsters for a friend’s video game, which is fun but I can’t share them with you yet! They look a lot like this crayfish.