1. hazydublinten:

    Art assignment #3: An intimate, Indispensable GIF

    I looked through my gif tag on this blog and the art blog and I realized how many of my gifs are selfies or drawn self-portraits.*  Self-portraits are an essential act for me, something I’ve been doing forever. Selfies (as photos) are a new fad, but they fit really easily with the rest of my art. Self-portraits deal with narcissism and insecurity, which i feel are big issues for me as an artist.  Why do i spend this much time on art?, who am i helping? and what does the world really look like? Making art feels selfish sometimes, and when trying to understand what the world looks like, my face seems like a good place to start.

    *1 2 3 4 5 (there’s probably others)

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  2. I really like the visual instructions for how to put on armor. Thought it might be useful to make one for space suits of the future.

  3. I am working on a new story but this time I finished the story first.

  4. Check out my gif for the art assignment!

    Sketchbooks are indispensable to my idea of self. I was visiting my parents and was going through my high school and earlier sketchbooks and realizing I had a lot of self portraits. They were memory time capsules. Looking at these pictures, I was transported to the way I felt and thought then. I am not the same person as I was then but I am who I am because of them.

  5. theartassignment:

    You may already know Toyin Odutola from her excellent tumblr, but you haven’t received her most excellent Art Assignment just yet: Episode 3 – Toyin Odutola: Intimate, Indispensable GIF


    1. Think of something intimate that is indispensable to you.  (It doesn’t have to be a body part. It can be an object, place, memory, anything.)

    2. Depict it in the form of a GIF. You don’t have to make drawings—you can use photographs, make a sculpture, or whatever you like.

    3. Upload and share it online using whatever social media platforms you prefer, being sure to tag it with #theartassignment so we can find it.

    4. Fame and glory. (Your response might be included in a future episode.)

    Find and follow Toyin online: @obia_thethird, toyinodutola.com

    and learn more about her work here: http://www.jackshainman.com/artists/toyin-odutola/

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  6. BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND! Do you want a kids book I drew with a sharpie and printed out at Staples? Message me your address. 

    If you got the last one you will get this one.

  7. I went to New Mexico for four days and got to hang out with cool people and see breathtaking landscapes and fascinating architecture, so naturally I took a lot of pictures of Smokey the dog and Fidel the goat.


  8. Fairest One


    You must have been
    surprised that I
    would make even
    a temporary sacrifice,
    would give up
    beauty even for
    a moment,
    but I understand
    there are some places
    only old women can go.

    (Say what you will
    about my vanity –
    twice she nearly died
    for ribbons, combs.)

  9. The kangaroo kids go to a dolphin show and immediately fall in the tank. WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT?

  10. First sketch of my discontented king!